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Donna Magana

Phone: 713-410-2438

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Catherine Drury

You can reach Catherine by phone at 832-264-1337 or by e-mail by clicking here.

Donna Magana of  Jostens Yearbooks

21419 Sand Bunker Circle
Katy, TX   77450

Phone: 832-264-1337

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Donna's plant consultant in Topeka is Heather Thompson

You can reach Heather by phone at 800-262-9725 ext. 65434 or by e-mail by clicking here.

Here's what some of Donna's advisers had to say about her services and Jostens products.

Angie Shortt from Massey Ranch Elementary told us:

"I'd be happy to chat about our experiences with Jostens, the process we went through to make the decision to move to them, how it's worked for us, and anything else you'd like to know.

I will tell you that the number one reason we moved to them was because of the superior print quality of their books.  Comparing yearbooks side by side, the photos are just much more vibrant, crisper, and brighter than any of our Balfour books ever were.  And I come from a publications, photography, communications, and journalism background so I have extensive experience working with printers on producing high-quality printed materials.  Price was also a factor for us as well as their software and marketing.  Also, we LOVE having an Extended Edition that we insert at the end of our book that you can't tell is an insert and includes some of our later events.  And of course, most importantly, the relationship we've had with our reps has been outstanding... Even their plant staff as well their tech support have been so easy to work with and responsive to any questions or resolving any issues we've had (mainly from user error).  ;)

Anyway, let me know if there's any other information you'd like to know."

Alicia Merrifield from  The Village School told us:

"We love working with Donna.  She comes to our school, works with the kids and they like her.  She is not just a name on a card or an email.  When she visits my staff, I am more than happy to let her take over the class.  She does a great job.”

Katie Frazier from Seven Lakes Junior High School told us:

"Donna Magana is the bomb.com!  Last year I was a first time adviser and had lots of questions.  This year, I am constantly calling or emailing her with my wacky ideas and asking “would it be possible to…?”  She is always quick to get back to me and always finds a way to bring our crazy ideas to fruition.  When my staff and I have lofty goals, she is very encouraging and tells us that we can do it.

In addition, Jostens has been a dream.  Any time we’ve needed tech support or had a question for Heather Thompson, they have been so helpful.  Yearbook Avenue has been great for my junior high kids.  It’s simple enough to navigate for the first timers, but also allows freedom of design.  I have been beyond happy working with Donna Magana and Jostens."

Tamara Ellis from Lamar Junior High told us:

"People know you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do.” Author unknown.

Donna Magana never leaves us hanging!  The quote summarizes the way Donna represents Jostens.  If something needs to happen for me, she makes it happen.  If I need help, she is right there either on the phone or email with a possible solution or process to come to my aid.  Personally she is fun when she comes into the classroom, and she is always full of ideas for my staff’s and my future success.  I was a newbie yearbook adviser last year, and she led me by the and whenever I needed it.  She got me started and then let me go to make my own way.  She is my coach, and her playbook is filled with teamwork.”